Felix The Jinxed Lynx is a Guest Character who is inducted to Kilik's Army. He was a Schwazerwind Member, before he resingned due to another issue about the possession of Soul Edge. Felix recruited to Kilik's Army and partners with Surly. Felix wore a Royal Purple Tabard, Black Hakama, Silver Armor, Greaves, and Vambrace, a Japanese Headband, and wears Argyle boxers underneath

Weapons Edit

  • Wildling's Spear: Deals 25% Damage
  • Halberd: Deals 50% Damage
  • Spear of Destiny: Sucks life and Deals 75% Damage
  • Electrospear: Deals 100% Damage
  • Naginata: Deals 125% Damage
  • Golden Aztec Spear: Deals 150% Damage
  • Scepter of Ra: Deals 175% Damage
  • Ebony Lance: Deals 200% Damage
  • Long Stick: Joke Weapon: Deals 200% Damage
Received 1660439554273894

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