Soulcalibur IV: Blades of War
Developer(s) Namco (Project Soul)
Publisher(s) Namco
Designer(s) Hiroaki Yotoriyama
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: T (Teen)
Media Wii Optical Disc
Input methods Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Classic Controller, Gamecube Controller

Soulcalibur IV: Blades of War is a expansion of Soulcalibur IV for the Wii that features Roronoa Zoro from the One Piece universe as the guest character that replaces the Star Wars characters.


Gameplay is similar to the original except that the controls are changed to be played on a Wii.

The Story Mode is changed to be longer and Algol remains as the final boss of it. A new secret boss known as Chaos have been added to the game.


All of the characters from Soulcalibur IV return except for the Star Wars guest characters which are replaced by Roronoa Zoro from the One Piece universe. A new secret boss named Chaos have been added to the game that is a demonic corrupted version of Yun-Seong.

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