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(In english means Evil-Hell)

None available
"Do you even comprehend the power I possess! I am the ultimate Evil!!"
Birthplace Bubbly town, The Soaking Country
Height 6'4'
Weight unknown
Age 30
Blood type Dark blood
Weapon Chi blades
Weapon name Twin Ryu
Fighting style Remnant of Cervantes
Family Killed to fuel his dark power
Appears in Soul Calibur: Heroes Parade

Waru-Jigoku is a character from Soul Calibur : Heroes Parade, and is the central Antagonist of the game.

what lies in his Soul is Corruption.


Fighting StyleEdit



Twin Ryu- (Twin Dragon)Edit

Waru-Jigoku's default weapon, two black lightsaber-like swords formed from his hands.

Broken Swords-Edit

Joke weapon

Soul Edge- Edit

Soul weapon, two Red lightsaber-like swords coming from flesh like handles.

Hi Ryu- (Fire Dragon)Edit

Ultimate weapon, two flame like swords coming from Waru-Jigoku's hands.

Critical FinishEdit


Destroyed Bubbly Town



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